Branding Development

Competition is everywhere.  Every day businesses strive to stand out of the crowd, ahead of their competition.  One the most effective way for a business to separate itself from the pack is to develop an effective brand.  Successful branding can be achieved through a business’ name, logo, slogan, web presence and through other marketing campaigns.

An effective brand can produce several benefits, including promoting a company’s creditability, encourage customer loyalty and entice customers to make purchases.  Many businesses understand the importance of branding, but there are still many entities that have misconceptions about it.

Some business experts believe that concentrating a high-quality product or service is more important than branding.  Though this misconception has some merits to it, research shows that consumers buy most products and services based on their branding.  Businesses with effective branding trigger positive emotional experiences in consumers; thus, making consumer more willing to complete another transaction.  While business with weak branding can make a business appear to be a hobby or secondary priority which can trigger negative emotional experiences in consumers, and indirectly and in some cases directly causing a company to lose business.

Other misapprehension is branding is just a logo.  However a logo is only part of the branding and other parts include a company’s stationery, online web presence, the way it reacts to consumer feedback, and most importantly, how its staff members conduct themselves – their business ethics and reputation.

One last misconception is some companies are under the impression that creating an effective brand will be very expensive.  Depending on your mission and market(s), developing an effective brand can be costly, but the money spent is a viable investment, from a short and long term perspective.  Without a brand, a business, big or small can be easy forgotten, lost in crowd and have a higher risk for going under.

When taking steps to developing your brand, the keys points to remember is to make some investment and to invest according to your needs and goals.  PresGuru Design can assist with you creating or updating your brand using our various development processes.

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